Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb Meeting!!

We will have a meeting on Thursday, Feb 19th at  6pm.

Please arrive early since the clinic doors are now locked at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!


Cat Tails Entry form. Get 'em in today!!

Today is the last day to get your Cat Tails and Flowers entry forms in!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Topic for discussion........

Here is a good one for us to weigh in on..................

I have arguments for both sides of this so there is no right or wrong I am just interested on how my fellow members would handle this situation.
Lets says one of us has a show at the New Visions gallery in Marshfield (at the hospital).  The lets says one of the employees at the hospital calls and says he wants to use 3 of the images from the show in the calendar they publish. 70,000 calendars.  Thats alot of calendars.  So the thing is they want to use the pictures for a grand total of nothing.  Just "exposure".  70,000 exposures.
times 3 pictures.  
So the original thought was "Sure, people will look at those pictures and get to my web site and then look around and either buy one of the images from the show or another one from the site"  But then it turns out they will not ever ever ever print that artists web site on the page.  Only name, title of the image, and artists city.  No web sites!
So that person thinks "where is the Exposure in that?"
To license the images for those calendars would cost someone $2366 using industry standard pricing and he should just GIVE it to them for free?  Is the printer printing them for free? Is he assembling these calendars for free?  Would one of their fellow members at the WVAG GIVE them 3 pieces to use without even allowing a link or some sort of way for a viewer to look further or a way to actually BUY something/  OK its me.  Lets get that out.  Its me. I explained that I am traveling the earth getting these images and I am the ne climbing the Rockies in my rental car in the winter and they not only want to use the images for free they won't even print my web site address on the page?
On the other hand it's 70,000 copies of my pictures out there hanging all over the place?

What say you, dear members?  Yay or nay?  
Move your mouse down about 1/2 an inch and click on comments and let us know what you think!  

February Meeting info from Sharon

Hello all!

Will there be a meeting on Thursday February 19th????  We'd like to have at least 10 members at a meeting and that does not always happen.  Please reply to this email with "YES" or "NO."  Some members travel a long way and we want to make it worth their while to attend.  Once I have 10 "YES" responses I will send out another saying the meeting is on.

Other news .....  You may have noticed that we are producing color cards announcing our shows.  These cards are placed at the CVA, Riverfront, the Library and Leigh Yawkey.  The card for "Cattails & Flowers"  will include each participating artist's last name on the front.  (Riverfront does this for their Visions exhibit.)

Reminder ... "Cattails & Flowers" entries are due to be postmarked by Feb 19th.

Have a great day......


PS ...... Christine now has email. You can contact her with ????s if you wish. cakysely1@ntc.edu

Tuesday, February 10, 2009