Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Meeting Minutes

Marshfield Clinic, Weston Conference Room

February 18 th, 2010

Attendance: Bonnie Kostrzak, Pat Plunke, Sharon Dowis, Karen Aulik-Now, Chandra Witter, Dennis Zopp, Laura Nelke , Sandy Krumpas, Pat Gaska, H. Barbara, Kate’ Kleen, June Whinnie

Welcome Members and New Members!

Dennis Zopp – Still substitute teaching for 5 counties, 7 districts, still working Paramount photo shop. Hopes to have something for “Cattails”

June Whinnie - Painting away. Loves to lay out colors!

Laura Nelke - Water colorist. Does anyone know anything about the Artist in Residency at Nicolet College?

Sandy Krumpas - nothing in this show but will have things for the next show.

Karen Aulik Now – collage, acrylic landscapes. She’s cross country skiing a lot, training for the Birkebeiner ski race. Then going to Florida, but taking her acrylics!

Pat Plunket - just finished piece for “Cattails”. Got his second commission from Texas, a curling piece. He’s working on six different pieces.

Bonnie Kostrzak - Painter in oil and acrylic. Experimenting with grounds, collage variations, needs something new. Got to get going on some thing. Abstract is very difficult. She wants to let loose a little. Tired of winter, but saw a robin!!!!

Sharon Dowis – photographer, digital artist. In 2 shows Bethesda, Maryland, Vancouver, Washington. Has been hung (not hanged!) in ten states now. Woohoo!

Chandra Witter – glass artist but in school now and not making much art. Will try to get some photography in “Cattails”.

Pat Gaska New member and a quilter. Trying all different stuff. Has items for “Cattails”.

H. Barbara – New member. Worked in art whole life. Likes oils because you can leave it and come back later…forever.

Kate Kleen – Works in water colors and art therapy for closed-head trauma victims, abused children, etc. Visiting her mom, H. Barbara from Denver.

Upcoming Shows:

Cattails and Flowers Just Say Cheese

Lighter Than Air Rhythm and Blues

“Cattails and Flowers” being hung on March 2nd. So far only 13 pieces but deadline extended to the 23rd of February

Please email all information, titles, artistic statements, etc. to Sharon Dowis ASAP!

Pat Plunket mentioned that he may be able to make pedestals with secure plexi-glass tops. Are we still interested??? I said probably.

Whinnie is securing professional decorators for the March 18th meeting to talk to us about “Decorator Art”

IDEA! For shows that are light on new artwork, maybe for an entry fee, we can display older art with the same theme (?) on the upper level. Or for a second, separate show(?)


For Shows

Miniatures or 12 x 12 show

Something with out frames and mats (but how do we display them?)

More “Mind Over Matter”

Bring back “Colorama”

Maybe if the show is light the upper level can be named “A Retrospective” or “Members Gallery”


Four-fold brochures 11x17 to save cost, waste

Color/Glossy Brochures

Invite more speakers

Have a Party!!!

Include nonmembers, open to a statewide (juried) guild.



How to display unusual themes

Members are not getting enough paperwork, reminders in mail

Ideas for Speakers

Judge to talk about critiques

Lawyer, how to protect art on line


Professional decorators for colors, etc.

Parade of Homes professional

How to price art

Respectfully submitted by ChandraLyn. 297-0858

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exhibit Opportunity

FYI ...... For those members who might be interested

Dear Artist,
Upstream People Gallery
5607 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68106-1257 U.S.A.

is pleased to announce the

“12th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online
International Art Exhibiton”

April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011

Your Eligibility: Open to all artists worldwide. Artwork in all 2-D and 3-D media and forms representing Biblical themes such as faith, hope, love, beauty, peace, creation; inspired from prayer and works that inspire and lift hearts.

(12 month’s show and gallery representation for greater sales and exposure;
artists may exhibit and sale in other venues at the same time)

to apply send the following by March 8, 2010(postmark deadline)
OR March 24, 2010 for final entry.

•5 slides/CD/DVD (or jpegs/tiffs via email)
•List of works with: Name, Postal Address (& email),
Titles, Media, Sizes (HxWxD) & Prices
•Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (if submitting via postal mail)
•$25 entry/jury/webmaster fee (add $2 using PayPal)

Cash Awards of Excellence, Special
Recognitions and Press Releases sent to specially recognized artists’ newspaper(s).
Recognized artists will be included in the Juror's Statement
published online with the exhibition.

NOTE: Many artists have had articles written in their newspaper(s) as a result of their work
and our publicity campaign.

And several artists have SOLD their work(s).

(Now approaching nearly 1,000,000,000 views to date!)

Early entry notifications sent around March 15, 2010;
Later entries informed shortly after date of entry.

Or you may download the prospectus at

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cat tails and Flowers Entries

Members ..... if you go to our blog http://wvag.blogspot.con/ you will see a printable entry form for Cattails & Flowers V.

The postmark deadline is Friday Feb 19th. Right next to the entry form there is a counter showing the days left until entries are due. Rick Eyre added this handy feature which is very cool. Thanks Rick!

Along with sending your hard copy (printed) entry, check for fee and printed statements (if including them) please email me the following information:


Receiving this emailed info is very helpful in preparing the tags, brochure and statements. Some members are already doing this, so thank you.

We hang Cattails & Flowers V on Tuesday March 2nd, 5pm. Hope to see you there!

ALSO: Our next meeting is on Thursday Feb 18th. Hope to see you there too!

Thanks ... Sharon & Christine

ps .... I was having a problem sending to my WVAG address group since one person's address changed. If you received this information in duplicate I apologize.
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