Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eagles Video........... Ah the glamour!!

Member Rick Eyre made a video of the process of photographing Eagles in Alaska from packing his gear to printing the final images.
It's all about the glamour and 5:00 AM wake-up calls and having your baggage lost.....................

Vicki Resesch, Nancy Lalaberte and Rick Eyre at Exhibitour

Peggy McDowell just let me know that we have at least 3 guild members exhibiting at Exhibitour this spring. Vicki Resech is  going to be at
LePaul Furs, Nancy Laliberte is going to be at Jankes BookStore, and  Rick Eyres' work is going to be at St Claire Mens wear.
Stop by on May 16th between 5:30 and 8:00 PM and check them out!!
Anyone else? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laura Nelke Awarded Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors membership

Professional Recognition Awarded to Local Artist


Marshfield watercolor artist Laura Nelke has been awarded professional membership in Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors (WP&S).  In order to qualify for membership under the category of “professional” Nelke submitted her résumé and 10 slides of her artwork to a membership jury.  Membership is determined based on the quality of the artist’s work, as well as the artist’s background and level of experience.  The membership chairman who reviewed Nelke’s application was renowned Wisconsin watercolorist Lee Mothes, who pronounced the quality of the work to be “excellent.”


Founded in 1900, WP&S is a non-profit organization of visual artists and friends united to advance opportunities and services for Wisconsin artists and the general public.  Its particular mission is to promote Wisconsin art.  Members are invited to take advantage of valuable programs for artists; they also have expanded opportunities to enter juried WP&S and other statewide exhibitions.


As a watercolorist with 18 years of experience, Laura Nelke’s emotionally charged paintings glow with bold color and light.  In addition to her original watercolors, she offers workshops and instruction.  This summer Laura Nelke will be conducting watercolor classes at the University of Wisconsin-M/W through the Office of Continuing Education and the Art in the Garden program.   


Examples of  Nelke’s watercolor paintings are currently on exhibit at several locations in central Wisconsin.  Three paintings hang in the Marshfield Clinic, Weston as part of WVAG’s Cattails and Flowers exhibit, where Nelke received an award of Honorable Mention.  

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blog Stats Update

Our Blog still continues to do very well. As you can see we are averaging 13 visits per day, and the best part is that 77% of those are new visitors!  That's a very good thing. And I don't know what happened on April 3rd but we got 198 visitors on the blog that day alone.  I think Christine got our name in the paper and that did it.  And 98% of those were new visitors!!

Trigs Cellar 70 Spring Floral Exhibit Update

Remember to deliver artwork on SUnday April 20th between 5 and 6 PM!

Mark Mittlesteadt Sales.....

Congratulations to member Mark Mittlesteadt who sold all 3 pieces of his wok at the Cattails and Flowers Show!  Well done Mark!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Waupaca Fine Arts Festival Entry form

Entry form and fees are due for anyone wanting anything in the Waupaca Fine Arts FestivalAre due on April 16th!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Betsy Popp Classes and info

This will mark my first self indulged gratuitous use of this blog.  Only 5 of us responded to Betsy Popp's questionnaire about developing ourselves as artists with her member survey?
I belonged to a photography club back in the day and I eventually ended up stopping because I felt I never actually became a better photographer because I was a member of the group.  I seriously think we should exploit this opportunity she is offering us.
Please Please go back to the February 25th Blog entry and do what it takes to respond.  Just click on "Comment" on the bottom of the entry and tell her what you would like.  I would hate to see this opportunity to go away.  People pay Betsy and people like Betsy vast sums of money to do this!  She is one of us and we should all learn whatever we can from each other.  Lets DO IT!!
Just look on the top left of this blog and type in "Betsy" and search blog and you can go right to it.Or better yet type in Survey and go right to it.  Or just scroll down and find it.  It all goes by date.  It was Feb 25th.  At the bottom of all of these entries there is a chance to comment on that entry.  At the bottom of the entry it says "Comment".  By all means please do! This is supposed to be interactive so we can all see about what all of us think about the entry or questions we have for each other or whatever.  Don't be shy! Speak up.  But do the comment on Betsys Survey first so she can see it.
Here endeth the rant.  Thanks,  I feel better

WVAG 2008-2009 Exhibit Schedule


It's Lighter THAN Air.  Not Lighter THEN Air.  But you get the idea........................

Fin Fur Feather Entry Form

Hot Air Balloon Entry Form

FoxFire Botanical Gardens 1st Annual Photo Contest


Artist Statements Guidelines

Am I the only one that finds writing these awkward?
I always run out of things to say half way through the page.
This should help though....................

March Meeting Minutes

WVAG February Meeting Minutes

Spring Floral Exhibit at Trigs Cellar 70

Central Wisconsin Cultural Center Exhibit Info All Creatures Great and Small

Entry Deadline April 1st

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Youngest member Sells her work!!

Meghan Hellrood, our youngest member (I think she is 10) has sold her first piece of art!  Her work entitled "Solitary Beauty" sold several days ago.  I wish I knew more details about it but isn't that cool!
Go Meghan!