Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minutes from Chandra


July 15, 2010 Conference Room

Marshfield Clinic, Weston

Attendance: Christine Kysely, Pat Plunket, Sharon Dowis, Chandra Witter, Sharon Feathers , Sandy Krumpas, Laura Nelke, Pat Plunket, Sharon Rotz, Betsy Popp, Dennis Zopp,.Linda Langhoff, Robert Scheinona.

We enjoyed a lovely and lively meeting tonight. The purpose of this guild has always been to encourage artists to make, show and sell their artwork. We have doing so for a few years now. The purpose of our meetings is to hear from and encourage each other. Our meetings will also educate, enlighten, support, and familiarize our members by sharing and communicating our experiences and resources. Watch for post cards for upcoming meetings and please participate so that we all may shape and expand our opportunities. Please plan to attend, WE NEED YOU!

Reminder! WVAG meetings are held at the clinic on the third Thursday of the month.

Welcome to our newest member, Linda Langhoff! Glad to meet you, Linda!

Congratulations to all of the artists whose work was accepted for “Culture and Agriculture”, New Visions Gallery, Marshfield:

Sharon Dowis


Rick Eyre

Cindy Markowski

and “Northern National”, Nicolet College, Rhinelander:

Sharon Dowis


Rick Eyre

and “Visions”, Riverfront Art Gallery, Steven’s Point:

Sharon Dowis

Sharon Rotz

Sharon Feathers

Announcement: Christine Kysely and Sharion Rotz will be having a show at The Alexander House, late August, featuring Sharon’s fiber art and Christine’s stitched jewelry creations. Congratulations!

Laura Nelke: Giving private lessons and teaching in Colorado. Brought lots of info on getting your work into galleries to share.

Betsy Popp: “Spent lots of money and got nothin’” So she says… Betsy sold two paintings this last show. Woohoo! We sure miss you, Betsy!

ChandraLyn: Not making any art but remodeling my house. Wish me luck!!

Christine Kysely: In facebook heaven!! Getting ready for the Alexander House.

Sharon (#1) Dowis: Had cataract surgery and is feelin’ fine! Waiting to hear from Richmond, VA on artwork with graffiti. Good luck, Sharon!

Sharon (#2) Rotz: Sold a piece, made $28 and got a ribbon. Awesome, Sharon!!! Working on a new quilt.

Sharon (#3) Feathers: Enjoying Summer, recently won 3 awards, including Juror’s Choice at “Visions”. Sold some art, too! Way to go!

Pat Plunket: No new hair cut this time but finished up some sculptures and working on the last of his commissioned pieces. We learned that Pat and Sharon Feathers graduated together but didn’t know each other in high school. Small world!

Dennis Zopp: Brought his trademark enthusiasm to the meeting! Still teaching some and will teach a pottery class, that is if they have a wheel ;) I’m still trying to figure out “double developed and reticulated”!

Sandy Krumpos: “Trying to think outside the box” You go, girl!

Featured Speaker, Laura Nelke, Watercolorist: Laura talked to us about putting together a portfolio for presenting to a gallery. I will just hit the highlights here because there was a lot of information in addition to all of the handouts Laura and Betsy handed out.

Six Mistakes Artists Make When Creating a Portfolio

1: Presenting inconsistent bodies of work

2: Producing insufficient work to sustain a gallery

3: Delivering portfolio in a format difficult for the gallery to look at.

4: Lacking confidence and consistency in pricing

5: Approaching the wrong gallery

6: Submitting art through the wrong channels

…and now, completely out of context.

(Some funny things overheard at the meeting.)

Shhhhhh… don’t tell Betsy!

Do you just keep those things on the top of your head for decoration?

Who could possibly change in 50 years?

I’m so excited! I feel Like Betsy Popp!

I hate when that happens!

Curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb!

It’s not you…

What are you doing reading this? Go make some art!!!!!

Respectfully submitted by ChandraLyn.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Minutes from meeting

CLICK HERE to get the copy of the Meeting Minutes from June 2010

Great stuff!!

Entry Forms

New format for getting entry forms, much better than essentialy downloading pictures of the scanned forms that we were doing.

Now they are on a scribd site and able to be downloaded in a much clearer cleaner format..

Let me know of you have any problems with the form,s and I will make sure you get them