Monday, March 29, 2010

Show opportunity

Winter Art Festival Call for Wisconsin Artists - Applications Now Available

Due April 16, 2010

Festival Date: November 13 and 14, 2010

Where: Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, WI

What: Fine art/ Fine craft fair accepting applications for ceramics, fiber, glass, graphics, jewelry, 2-D mixed media, 3-D mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture and wood.

Wisconsin Artists only may apply. Contact information: Web site to download applications or to be sent an application for the Winter Art Festival:

Contact Person: Sue Werner at 608-204-9129

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art ops

Artists' opportunities ......

From Pat Plunkett.....
St. Anthony June Arts Festival (Marathon City) The contact is (Mary Testin) phone 715/443/2236.
In brief, 10' X 10' booth fees are $75 (all booths inside) June 12 is the actual festival. NO GALLERY FEES - what you sell, you keep in dollars.
Entry deadline is April 1.

Two National shows in our neighborhood ......

Culture and Agriculture 2010 July 11 - Sept 3 ....... New Visions Gallery, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield
Deadline for submissions .... April 23

23rd Annual Northern National Art Competition July 27 - Sept 10, 2010 Nicolet College Art Gallery, Rhinelander

Deadlne for submissions ...... May 15, postmarked

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Meeting Minutes


March 18h, 2010 Conference Room

Marshfield Clinic, Weston

Attendance: Sharon Dowis, Bonnie Kostrzak, Chandra Witter, H. Barbara, Rick Eyre

Pat Plunket, Sandy Krumpas

Welcome and Congratulations to all those competing at any level!

We had another light group tonight. I know everyone is busy but the best way to be informed is to stay informed. The really nice thing about this guild is its informal atmosphere! We can all get together and talk about what we are doing, what we’ve accomplished, what areas we would like to explore, and what opportunities have come our way! So, lets make our monthly meetings (third Thursday of the month) a priority. We have sooo much to gain from each other!!!!!

What’s goin’ on?

H. Barbara – has sooo much art. She is spending time building up the canvasses

and… she has a secret recipe!! H. Barbara has also learned the hard

way, that cats like to sit on wet paint!

Sandy Krumpas - a watercolorist, mostly landscapes. Had started pieces previously for Lighter Than Air, then set them aside but now have them out and almost ready for our next show.

Rick Eyre - visual artist. Sunburned from his time on an island off Venezuela. Awwwwww. Spent time on Bar W ranch in Montana photographing cowboys. Thought he’d get some nice photos with mountains in the background but it was rainy and foggy. Was up at the Canadian border, at the Eagle Capital of the north. Not an eagle in sight, unless you consider the metal sculpture in town! Told us the Eagle lady of Alaska, Jean Keene, died recently. Went to New Mexico to photograph sand hill cranes. Started a newsletter to reach the masses and wants to stay in contact so that they remember him when they want to buy artwork. The site has a counter for which he is able to see what people choose to click on. Cool! You can easily opt out of it. Waiting to hear about being at the CVA (good luck).

ChandraLyn – glass artist and photographer wannabe. Attending NTC for the Dairy Science Program so not a lot of time for the studio. Trying to keep a toe in the water and compete in an art show here and there. Contacted by the Riverfront Arts Center in Steven’s Point to show with an under water photographer for April.

Sharon Dowis – Was just in Washington DC and Virginia for an opening in Bethesda. where she is hung. Said she gained about ten pounds (yeah, right)! Rented car and visited the Antietam National Battlefield. She loves the civil war. She said it makes you think about the price of freedom.. Wants to compete in this area again so that she can go to Gettysburg. She is at Oklahoma Friendly with two pieces. This is the third year. Waiting to here about the women’s photography competition. Saw Nature’s Best exhibit at the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian. Said it was incredible!

Bonnie Kostrzak - Working, working with acrylic. Using a little sand for textures. Finds she can’t blend colors like she can oils but acrylics have some nice things about them. She finds them interesting to work with. They are fast to dry, unlike oils.

Pat Plunket - metal sculptures. Working on his second commission piece. A curator in L.A. sent picture of a piece they bought from Pat displayed in their livingroom. That is sooo cool! Working on an oil. Working on pedestals, folding maybe? You can take the man out of engineering but you can’t take the engineer out of the man!!!! Not a lot of time for art. Portal Wisconsin ( has calls for artists. Pat has had invites for the glass dome show, Charles Allis Museum, and the Monestary in Marathon (more on this to come)

Awards for Cattails and Flowers Congratulations!!!!!!

Best of Show Karen Aulik-now, Alberta Flowers, mixed media collage

Runner up Best of Show ChandraLyn, “Centered”, digital photography

Honorable Mention - Betsy Popp, “Marsh Morning Blues”, oil

Honorable Mention - Mary Murphy, “Greet the Day”, silk fusion

Award of Excellence - Pat Gaska, “Orange Blossoms”, fiber

Award of Excellence - Betsy Popp, “Meandering Times”

Embodiment of Spirit - Pat Plunket, “Alberto’s Cattail”, metal sculpture

Check out ! Rick says Jason Horejs, the owner, is terrific. Jason helps artists market and sell their art! Many of us have been getting emails from this gallery for a long time and we’ve been throwing them into the trash (or maybe it’s just me!)

Visit the blog! Rick is relentlessly maintaining our blogspot!! This is no easy feat! Visit the blog for all of the latest and greatest news about the guild. Pass it along to your friends and coworkers!

Upcoming shows:

Riverfront Arts Center, Stevens Point

Peeps Art March 21 – April 3

Visions XII, Deliver May 25th, Show June 10th – July 31st

Places – Wisconsin, Deliver July 15th, Show August 12th – September 19th

New Visions

Culture & Agriculture, Entry April 23rd, Show July 11th – September 3

Waupaca Art Fair

And now, completely out of context! (Some funny things overheard at the meeting)

“Does this look infected?”

“I manage to entertain myself.”

“They weren’t just Kmart cowboys. “

“For an old lady, it’s fun!”

What are you doing reading this?!! Go make some art!!

Respectfully submitted by ChandraLyn, 297-0858

Entire Monthly meeting video

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show Results

Congratulations to the following members ......

Best of Show ..... Karen Aulik-Now ...... "Alberta Flowers I" ..... Mixed Media Collage

Runner-up Best of Show ..... ChandraLyn ...... "Centered" .......... Digital Photography

Embodiment of Spirit ........ Pat Plunkett ... "Alberto's Cattail - Whimsical" ... Fabricated Metal Sculpture

Awards Of Excellence
Betsy Popp ........ "Meandering Times" .... Oil

Pat Gaska ........ "Orange Blossoms" ....... Fiber

Honorable Mentions
Mary Murphy.... "Greet The Day I & II" ...... Silk Fusion Collage

Betsy Popp .... "Marsh Morning Blues" .... Oil

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Print Sleeves for Artwork

I have taken many prints to the framers and found scrathces on them when I got there or dropped them in the parking lot or whatever.
This place has sleeves for under $7.00 each, and you can use two sides. All different sizes. I ordered six and love them
They also have really good prices on easels and lots of other stuff

Waupaca Artfair entry

Greetings Artists,
Attached is the entry form for the Waupaca Fine Art Show. Please run the form off and send it to Debbie Fenske. The address is provided on the form. If you would like us to send you a hard copy, or if you can not open the attachment, please let us know. Feel free to forward this email to any artists that you think might be interested.
Due to increases in our expenditures, we have raised the entry fee by $1.00 for professional and non-professional artists.
Thank you in advance for your participation. I look forward to another exciting year.
I welcome any questions or comments.
Lee Schultz

CLICK HERE to go to the web Site for more.

Art Tracking Software

I went to one of the Seminars this place puts on. It was outstanding!
He has software available that keeps track of Artwork and contacts at galleries etc.
Definately worth the price if you've ever entered the same picture in a show twice in 2 years.
CLICK HERE to check it out

March Meeting

There will be a meeting at the clinic on Thursday the 18th.

Social hour 5 - 6 pm
Meeting @ 6 pm.

Please don't forget ..... the doors are locked at 6pm; so arrive early.

Hope to see you there!

Sharon Dowis

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cat Tails Art hanging Tuesday

Tuesday the 2nd is the hanging of art for Cat Tails and Flowers.
Be there or be square between 5 and 6 PM!!!