Thursday, August 14, 2014

WVAG Summer Show 2014 Award Winners


BEST OF SHOW:  Sally Johnson "Lily Pad"
1st Place:  Christine Alfery "Campfire"
2nd Place:  Mary O'Flyng "Spring Awakening"
3rd Place:  Carol Hettinga  "In My Garden on a Hot Summer Day"

Sharon Dowis "If Munch Had Peeps"
Sharon Feathers "Sky Dance" and "The Way it Was"
Jean Huntoon "Edge of the Woods"
Lynn Ott "Early Return"
Sharon Rotz "Spring Burst"

Be sure to check out these award-winning pieces and more now through September 2nd at the Reaching New Heights Gallery located on the first and second floors of Marshfield Clinic-Weston Center, Weston, Wisconsin. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WVAG – "The Summer Show" 2014

Be sure to stop by the Reaching New Heights Gallery inside Marshfield Clinic-Weston to view "The Summer Show" on view through September 2nd, 2014. 

"He Was That Big"
© Polly Day

“Feelings" – Serious
© Patrick Plunkett
Steel, paint
Inspired by a song of the past by the same name, “Feelings”, this sculpture attempts to capture the state of mind when emotions of an individual reach out towards a circumstance, another individual, or perhaps shared among multiple individuals.

This sculpture is made up primarily of .18” and 16 Ga steel, 86 separate pieces of metal, welded and bolted together. The finish is a combination of white satin and black satin paint.
  Size approximately 12.88” long by 3.3” deep by 2.88” overall height

Monday, August 11, 2014

Entries due for Colorama 2014

 A reminder for Guild members:  
• Entries for Colorama 2014 are due this Friday, August 15. 
• Entry form (see WVAG forms page tab on blog if you need a form) and payment is mailed to 
          607 S. 24th Ave, #147
          Wausau WI 54401 
• Email entry information (title, medium, price, artist) to Terry:
• Cancer Care Fund Art Sale:
Once again we, WVAG, is seeking pieces of art work to be donated to the Cancer Care Fund at the Weston Clinic.  You can donate your piece of art to the Colorama Exhibit for the Cancer Fund at Weston Clinic.
We will have a special exhibit area for the donated art. 100% of the sales will go to the Cancer Fund helping patients locally.
You will need to email the title and price to Terry for her to place in the brochure. It is  due to her by Aug. 15Terry’s email is
Be sure to list your donation on the Colorama Exhibit Entry Form, this form and entry fees go to Sharon Dowis--see bullet point two above.

Volunteer Opportunities

Open volunteer shifts available this week at the 
Center for the Visual Arts, downtown Wausau
contact Jessica at 715-842-4545 or

Volunteers requested for the upcoming Woodson Family Fest on Aug 19-21 at the Woodson Art Museum

The Woodson provides the supplies, the ideas, the space, etc. they just need some volunteers to help direct the creativity, make sure supplies are restocked, etc. 
Easy fun on an August morning or afternoon....and you can be creative too!
If you are interested in volunteering your time and creative tendencies...please contact:  
Lisa Hoffman (Woodson Art Museum)  at 715-845-7010 or
OR: Audrey Wilde at 715-675-1094 or