Saturday, August 29, 2009

Members ChandraLyn and Rick Eyre Open at Alexander House

Members Rick Eyre and ChandraLyn opened their joint show at the Alexander House In Wisconsin Rapids last night.
A very classy affair featuring great Hors Doeuvres and 2 violinists!
This is a great venue for art with lots of wall space in a home like setting and great counter space for the jewelry.
It is ongoing until October 6th

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meeting last night

Anybody go? I was shooting seascapes in Oregon
What happened? What did we discuss?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lighter Than Air Winners

I updated the winners for the Lighter Than Air show going on now at the Clinic. It's on the right and down a little
Congrats to the winners!!

Artists Statements

More on Upcoming shows


Web Site

I have the new site very close to being done. I actually had it online just for a few days as a test and it went very well. I am going to be talking to Sharon on Thursday to get some needed info and after that it should be up and running.
This blog will continue to operate after the site is up to date. This blog is alot easier to update when things change and I can do it from my iPhone when the time comes. This will always be the more day to day routine place to get updates and get forms etc. The web site is more our "Public Face" to web surfers and potential new members and art shoppers.

I'll keep you updated.

Updated Dates

I just did a major update of the dates to remember section on the right and down a bit. It has been a bust exhibit season and some of the listings were over and done. Now they are truly upcoming exhibits only.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

News from Betsy Popp!

Currently I am on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was asked to come back (I was there Artist in Residence in June of 08) to restore an historical sign within the park.
Most all of the signs have been replaced with smaller, photo images of whatever the sign is describing. This particular sign is the oldest of its kind left in the park. It is a 2 sided 4' x 8' sign that was hand painted and lettered back possibly in the late 60's maybe early 70's - the dates are not for sure as they are still tryiing to find out more information on the sign. I have taken a inventory of the supplies needed to restore the sign and as of yet are still waiting for said supplies. In the mean time I am taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and hiking possibilities that this area has to offer. This past Tuesday I hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim - about 23.5 miles and an elevation change of 8250 to 2400 at the Colorado River and then back up to 6860 feet. Got some great images to work from.

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Showing Art

I have been really dissappointed lately finding out about opportunities to exhibit work right after the show starts. I looked around for the best place to get info regarding places to get applications before the deadline for art submissions. Today I found a couple good ones. Check out the Arts Board directory. They have a list of displays in Wisconsin. Not the definitive end all of places to show art but its got some good info.
Also get a listing on the State Run "PORTALWISCONSIN Site. Just a good free place to list yourself and get some more of your stuff online.
I have also included the Wisconsin Arts Board link at their logo on the right so you don't have to find this post if you want to check back with them.
Anyone else know of a good source for our members to get info on upcoming shows before the entry deadline?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Web SIte Members Page Info Needed!!

We are rebuilding the WVAG web site from scratch and would like to include a page about our members. Who we are and what we do etc.
We need a brief paragraph from everyone who wants to participate about who they are, what type of art they do, and a small picture of a representative work. If you don't have an electronic file just mail a picture to Rick Eyre and I will scan it for you to get it included.
Mine will look like this.........

Landscape and scenic photography from around Wisconsin and around the globe, featuring diverse images of everything from people to Eagles to Mountains to Lighthouses. 715-842-5892

What could be easier? And then to the right of that there is space for a representative image that I have not decided on yet. I urge you to be a part of the new site and we can get more recognition in the art world and grow and gain the recognition we deserve as a Guild.

To be included in this E-Mail me at with your info and an image. This site will be as good as we make it!