Monday, February 25, 2008

WVAG Member Survey!! By Betsy Popp

Copy it, Paste it, Print it and mail it, do whatever you can do but I would "Select all" and copy to clipboard and then fill it out and e-mail it to Besty...............

This is how we make us a better group!!!!!   Rick

Betsy Popp writes............................

 Please read through the series of questions and provide some feedback. The sooner you send me back information, the sooner we can take our group down news paths as a benefit to all.

1.  What type of classes would you be interested in?

    What mediums?

    Short demos at monthly meetings?

    Possibly demos on video to pass around and/or to keep in a date base.

2.  When would you like to see a class offered?


    Week Nights?

    Week Days?

3.  As WVAG member do you know of any facilities where classes could be held?

4.  If you have teaching skills and/or experience or an idea for a class, please list/discuss:

5.  What percentage of money received by an instructor through classes go back to the WVAG?

6.  Please include any other questions or information that you may have.

As I said, this is the start of an attempt to get going and organized with classes, demos, educational opportunities through the WVAG.

Please send this information back to Betsy Popp


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, betsy:

First I just wanted to say that I think you are sooo funny and enjoy you at our meetings.
Secondly, in response to your survey, I think classes are a great idea. Maybe short demos and classes but I don't know about facilities.
I'm also not sure about fees or thrrow=backs to the guild as I've not had much experience with this sort of thing.
Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

p.s. I stopped at cellar 70 today and saw your work. Unbelievable! You have such talent and so many pieces of such great art. I am thrilled to be in the same club!