Friday, April 1, 2011

Richeson 75 Wisconsin Plein Air Exhibit

Only real Artists in this one.
No photographers!!

Richeson 75 Wisconsin Plein Air Exhibit
July 8 - September 18, 2011
Jack Richeson Co. and Bergstrom Mahler Museum are proud to announce the first
Richeson 75 Wisconsin Plein Air Exhibit. This competition is open to Wisconsin
residents age 18 or over, and the subject matter is limited to the Wisconsin landscape
drawn/painted primarily 'en plein air' (on-site, outdoors). Any 2-D medium will be
accepted, except photography or digitally created/enhanced work.
Artists must certify that the painting(s) they enter were completed primarily on-site 'en
plein air' and identify the location in Wisconsin where it was created. The painting must
have been completed after January 1, 2010. For the purposes of this exhibit, a painting/
drawing is considered to be created primarily en plein air if only minor cosmetic
adjustments were made off-site or in-studio. Art must have been created entirely by the
submitted artist and not under the supervision of or with assistance from any other
Jack Richeson Co. is sponsoring awards as follows:
$1,000 cash 1st Place
$500 Richeson art materials for 2nd Place
$250 Richeson art materials for 3rd Place
Entry fees are $20 for one entry, $30 for two entries, $40 for three entries per artist.
Deadline for submissions is May 13, 2011.
All entries must be submitted online through this website.
Click here to enter your work.

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