Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cat Tails and Flowers Entry form

Click on the image of the form, then print it
Show hung on Tuesday March 4th


Ms. Mamma said...

Excellent idea to have a blog and totally free!

Ms. Mamma said...

PPS...The titles for my pieces(peace on earth show) are:

Guarding Our Roots



Thanks- Heidi

Rick Eyre said...

Hi Heidi.

Sorry about the typos I fixed them. I can relate though. My "Barnstormer" print of an old airplane became "Brainstormer" at the show.

Ms. Mamma said...

You said it. Have you ever participated in the "Exhibitour"? Anyway, if not, contact Kari Rasmussen at Wausau Area Events and get yourself a slot for Spring(I did fall but Spring is the best!). It's really fun and brings in a multitude of different people. It was an excellent experience(except they misspelled my NAME in the flyer and newspaper...UGH).

How do you like your 5d? My friend has one(and a lifetime of excellent lenses to go with it) and is just in love with it.

Anyway thanks and way to go with the blog!

pps...when I was taking notes on the judging for Peace on Earth, the judge said your photo of slot canyon is one that she buy for her own home and exclaimed it 'sexy'. Congrats!

Wisconsin Visual Artists Guild said...

Actually I talked to someone named Leah at the office and she said she would hook me up with a store when the time came. I will stay in contact with her to make sure she doesn't forget me.