Monday, October 4, 2010

Meeting Minutes


August 20th, 2010 Conference Room

Marshfield Clinic, Weston

Attendance: Christine Kysely, Pat Plunket, Sharon Dowis, Chandra Witter, Pat Gaska, Karen Aulik-Now, Jean Huntoon, Laura Nelke, Elizabeth Myshka, Sharon Rotz, Betsy Popp, Dennis Zopp,, Bonnie Kostrzak, H. Barbara,

Welcome Everyone!!!!!!

We know how busy and stressful life is, so thank all of you that come to our meetings. If you’ve been too busy to attend, remember that sharing our ideas about art and our experiences with art, help us as individual artists and as a guild!

I worked late so I did not get to the meeting in time to hear about what everyone is doing, but…

Remember! Just Say Cheese is right around the corner. Entries are down and we need to keep a constant stream of artwork up so we don’t loose our showing space due to lack of participation.

Just Say Cheese will be hung on Friday evening,

September 10th!!!! We need your help!!

This month we discussed Artist’s Resumes. Betsy Popp brought several handouts and went over these and told us about her experiences. Betsy is always a lively speaker and is very knowledgeable. The handouts will be very useful for starting a new resume or updating our current resumes. Thanks, Betsy!

Betsy brought us a terrific idea about our next show, Long Shadows. She offered that as artists we often create a body of work but that that body of work often sits in our closet or studio doing nothing and making no one happy. Betsy’s idea is that for the winter show, maybe we show our pieces with the idea that whom ever buys the piece can designate the charity that the money should go to. Pieces for the show will be donated by the artist and we can make this a news event. Many agreed that this was a great idea. We just need to hammer out some details and find out how much interest there is. Call us and let us know! “ Season For Giving” The Winter Show

Coming to the monthly meetings will insure that you receive all of the handouts and information you need for the guild. It’s also a great time!!!!!

And now, completely out of context! ( Some funny things overheard at the meeting)

I’m happy now again! (Whew! What a relief!)

I need a bigger bladder (I know I do!)

Respectfully submitted by ChandraLyn

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