Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OK People. Here's the deal.......

Please make absolutely positively sure you have the right address and web site address and blog address for the guild.
The main sticking point is the address........

There is no "P.O." anywhere in the address!!!!
There is no use of the word "Box" in the address!!!
It turns out if you use either one of those the chances of it getting to where you want it to go drops quickly.  The problem is the Post Office sees that as something that should be put in a box at the post office and that is the last anyone ever sees of it.
The actual place the mail is going is a place called "Going Postal" in Wausau.  It's over by Menards and Home Depot.  That is where the mail is picked up.  We have a box there that our mail gets put into.  Seems easy enough.
So be sure when you send something to the guild it looks like this...............
607 S. 24th Ave. #147 
Wausau, WI 54401

 No use of the letters "P" or "O" and certainly no use of the word "Box"
OK.  Now for the web site................
The actual web site is what Mark has recently re-vamped from head to toe.  And looks great by the way.  I already submitted info to him on me and my photography and he implemented it that same day and it looks great.  You should do that too!
Anyway, that is the public face of the guild.  That is the web site address that is on the business cards and where new people go to find out who we are, where we are, and what we do.  It's web address is..................     www.wvaguild.com
Please click on this and save it as a favorite, put it in your address book. Tattoo it on your shoulder, carve it into the park bench, do whatever it takes.
Last but not least.......  The Blog.....
The blog is the day to day events and goings on that member would like to know about.  Things that members sent me don't go on the web site.  Send things like your profile and things you want the public to see on our web site to Mark.  Things like upcoming shows, announcements of all sorts, exhibit opportunities you want the membership to know about,  all goes to Rick Eyre at mail4rick@mac.com.  I will post it forthwith.
That address is......... ready?......... http://wvag.blogspot.com/ 

No "www", periods only where they are shown above, yada yada yada.  Please click on that site and paste it to your favorites so you don't have to try to remember it later, spray paint it on the side of your house, on any overpass you can find, any passing trains, etc


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