Friday, March 21, 2008

Official WVAG Website update

THE NEW WVAG WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! View it here… This is just the test server until it is done and ready to move over to the WVAG’s web hosting server.


Please look over the following webpage list and e-mail Mark at with any information or suggestions that you can provide in order to get our new website up and running!


This is what we need…


HOMEPage – This is what people will see first. We need a defining image, slogan,  mission statement or brief description.


ABOUT USPage – A lengthier description of the WVAG. It’s history,  something VERY descriptive and informative to entice viewers to want to know more about us…or to join!


GALLERYPage – Photos of Art Show Winners (well, their art too). Featured Artist of the month. An online, virtual gallery that we can use to promote and possibly sell our artwork!!!


ARTISTSPage – This will be an online, visual WVAG Artist directory so I need input from EVERY MEMBER!!! I need a name, photo of artist (head shot at least), photo of one or two favorite pieces, a biography and list of awards. We can put a link to artist’s website if one is available under that artists listing.


SHOWSPage – This is where we will put up a schedule of upcoming shows as well as slide shows of artwork shown, movie files, interviews with artist’s, judges, etc., so we have a visual documentary of the WVAG art shows.  I need help from anyone willing to put in the time to get photos down to small file sizes (yet the highest quality possible) so these load fast.


FORMSPage – This will be a repository for ALL Forms from the WVAG so we don’t have to do as much mass mailing of forms. It doesn’t have to be just the Art Show Forms. It can be used for all kinds of forms, info sheets that might normally be mailed, or even member questionnaires, etc. We can use the money saved and put it to better use. This won’t replace the mailings entirely. I would encourage as many of us as possible to use the Forms page to not only save money, but save time for those who do all this work now. They will be in pdf format so anyone can download them. I need electronic files of all forms sent to me. They can be in Word or the like as I can convert them to pdf for the Forms page.  Eventually I would like all of our forms available to be electronically submitted so we do can do away with all of the paper. Yeah, I know…some people haven’t moved into the digital 21st century yet and can’t handle going paperless. I hold out hope for it though. I suggest that we create and mail a form for EVERY MEMBER to fill out where they explicitly require forms be mailed to them, or will download them.  That will take all the guesswork out as to who needs them mailed.


BLOGPage – I see this as the lifeblood of our group as we only meet once a month and Rick is doing a FABULOUS job with it!!! If we move all of our forms to the FORMS page, Rick won’t need to be bothered with those.


LINKSPage – Any Suggestions for the Links page would be welcome. We have some on there now, but I would like to have this page categorized so that this page can serve us all for many things. We can use it to post links to Art Supply dealers online, Art Museum websites, Art Instruction websites, etc. Really any kind of info related to Art that can help us as artists!!!


CONTACT USPage – Obviously this will be limited to and e-mail addresses. But if anyone would like to take on some more responsibility it would probably be appreciated.


Again, this website can do some great things for the WVAG, but it’s only going to be as good as the members want to make it. I’m a full time artist and I have limited time to work on it. If anyone has an interest in helping to work directly on this website, including photo editing, data entry, updating and maintaining it, I would love it!  You only have to have a computer, broadband internet and an interest in helping out and I will train and work with anyone who wants to contribute. It’s not that difficult…just time consuming.


The possibilities are endless.




Mark Mittlesteadt - Artist/Owner

AirDesigns - Where Art is Limitless

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