Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rapids All Creatures Great and Small Info and Instructions AND and some new opportunities from Betsy Popp

Information for the All Creatures Great and Small - Rapids Show.
The white inventory form for the All Creatures Great and Small show in Rapids should not get mailed in with your green entry form, check, and artistic statements.
The white inventory form should be brought in when you drop off your art work in Rapids.
Here's the new opportunity -
After you fill out the inventory form with up to three entries for the Creature can submit up to 8 other CREATURE pieces.........providing they have the creature theme.
These pieces will be put on consignment thru the Rapids venue......when you bring in your entries for the Creature show you can bring along your other creature pieces (up to eleven total)......the entries for the show will be the art work juried for awards...the addition pieces brought in with a creature theme will be put on consignment through the Art Center.
These additional pieces can be cards (appropriately displayed in card sleeve), prints(appropriately shrunk wrapped), ready to frame shrunk wrapped originals that would fit in a print bin, or jewelry.......only two maximum of the same item (ex. two cards of the same thing - don't bring in 20 identical cards)....and up to eleven pieces total including your Creature entries.
Christine does not have to know what your consignment items are as long as they are presented professionally and have a creature theme.
Get in your entry forms and write those artist statements............

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