Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Since it would appear I am going to have to be in Dallas for training early Friday Morning I have made this sheet available to Christine to copy or pass around at the meeting tomorrow night.  You can click it here or look at it at the meeting but it basically says this.  The Blog is going great..  I think it is doing what it is supposed to which is keep the members informed as to what is going on and what is upcoming and dates and times and where it's members are showing their art and how the current shows are going etc etc.  If you click on the page on the left here it will enlarge and show that I pasted a couple random pages showing the number of "hits" as being an average of 8 per day, and that in the previous 32 hours there had been 25 hits on the blog!  That's really good for a blog as new as ours.  Most had come from Wisconsin but one came from Canada and one came from France!  75% were typed in specifically to see our blog and 25% were gotten to by links from other web sites.  That means there are other sites that link to ours which is crucial for web traffic!  

In a nutshell it is going this well because you send me the updates and images needed to keep it a viable ongoing blog instead of a once a month thing that people tire of checking.

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again and keep me updated as to what's news in your art!



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